Ultimate Comprehensive Security

Always Encrypted. All the Time.

Data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and during use while data is active. Not even our software service providers will have keys to your data. You can also fully control your administrators' access to protect against compromised credentials.

We have worked to reach the pinnacle of security standards. Easily use the Active Data Vault platform to meet your industry’s most stringent compliance requirements.

Built-in Controls

Minimize exposure of stored data with ephemeral capability and thousands of security controls already built in

Zero Trust

A high-assurance, high-utility data vault powered by advanced key management, post-quantum encryption, and edge-to-cloud chain of trust

confidential computing

Confidential Computing

Encryption for the full lifecycle of data: data at rest, data in transit, and data in use

software defined

Software-Defined Infrastructure

A security-as-a-service that natively extends to infrastructure, with agility to stand up high-assurance enclaves on demand

ai enabled

AI-enabled Enforcement and Assurance

Smart and automated security controls based on technical specifications and prescribed processes, as well as preemptive monitoring, diagnosis, prescription, and action

easy implementation

Complex security made easy to use

Active Data Vault uses intuitive data migration tools and functionality. There is no maintenance, which frees resources for other tasks. A highly scalable infrastructure, it grows with your needs.

AI/ML Enforcement

Save time by simplifying and automating data vigilance

Greatly reduce the potential for human error that creates exposure. Mitigate error with unprecedented speed, returning data to a secure state in seconds.

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